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Im interested in writing a song for you to sing also i want to make major moves in our society as long as your not afraid to address issues in your free time with different groups to create better living environments. I hate to sound boring but ive been writing music lyrics poetry that i feel you can perform or locate talent collaborating. I know youll never contact me im in dc too much distance but i hate that shit about fame. I need a real earth person to notice people like me like they noticed you. My music is fire its entriging. I cant spell im irratated by this chance knowing and unknowing . whats this really here for. Take a chance im no stalker or psyco just fuckx with your music been following to see where i kould fit in concerts. My folks dont understand but by listening to all your interviews you talk like i move i know your feminine bit my masculinity kuld make and add to skill for music. Im very ambitious and will try until i succed to meet. Busy but you eat out and play games with friends and binge watch the office ar times im thinking you should make an attempt to reach out very descreet and privately. I hate that if you cant have privacy to feel me out without eartalk and assumptions . imay sound desperate i am too move up im fucked up with a family kinda kinda not alone tired violent thoughts mentally unsettled and would like to vent through music and postive energy in the mind with networking and plan talks openly discussing music future benefits arent necessary. Lets communicate even if you need some of your most important safety team however lets make something happen . why wait bring a police along see where im at. Jnklyles4life@gmail dc richbum